Field Sampling Services

Field Sampling Services

Our experienced team can provide professional and reliable sampling services to your business or household. Our sampling services include:

  • Compliance
    • Taumata Arowai compliance with drinking water standards
    • Trade waste consents
    • Resource consents
    • NZ Food Safety Authority (MPI food control programme)
  • Process monitoring – to check that processes are functioning correctly
  • Investigative – to assess suitability for drinking, irrigation, bottling, swimming, or other uses, or to establish the nature and concentration of pollutants
  • Baseline – to establish a picture of the normal water quality in a particular source. This baseline will be used as a reference point for when changes are made.

Scope of test

Drinking water

This includes testing raw and treated drinking water sources. Chlorine analysis can be carried out on site


Wastewater treatment plant influent and/or effluent monitoring can be carried out. Our service includes setting up an autosampler and carrying out sample collection

Trade waste

Trade waste samples can be collected, and consent monitoring carried out. An autosampler can be set up

Groundwater monitoring

This includes bore pump monitoring and the collection of bore water samples from multiple depths

Environmental sampling

Water, soil, and shellfish sampling services are available. We can also provide a field observation service

Air quality monitoring

Collection and set up of passive air quality sampling devices