Trade Waste Discharge

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Trade Waste Discharge

What is trade waste? 

Trade waste is commercial and industrial liquid waste that is discharged into a wastewater network. This does not include wastewater from toilets or bathrooms. 

Why do I need to test my trade waste? 

This industrial liquid can contain substances that if not removed can be harmful to the network and treatment process. Testing your trade waste will ensure you are compliant with your regulatory body.  

What would you be testing for? 

Depending on your business and the waste you are discharging, you will be required to test for certain items. Some of the most common tests are for total petroleum hydrocarbons, pH, and total suspended solids.  

Who do I contact about my trade waste discharges? 

If you are connected to the Auckland network, please contact the trade waste team at Watercare on [email protected] or 09 539 7655. If you are outside Auckland, please talk to your local council about discharges.  

Where do I find my trade waste agreement? 

If you have a trade waste agreement with Watercare, please contact the trade waste team to request a copy of your agreement. Their contact details are: [email protected] or 09 539 7655.