Environmental & Recreational Waters

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Environmental & Recreational Waters

What are the recreational water guidelines? 

The Australian and New Zealand Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Quality outline the testing requirements and limits for using bodies of water recreationally. Click here to read those guidelines.

Our local river looks contaminated, what can it be tested for? 

It is important to identify what might be causing the contamination. If you have an idea, you may be able to test for this. Please contact us to discuss. 

If the issue appears more complex than first thought, it may be best to discuss the situation with an environmental consultant.

What are the most common types of pollution? 

Pollution can come from one or multiple sources. The most common sources of pollution are industry, farms, townships, factories and people.

Our lake is a green colour, what might be causing this? 

Algae can cause a lake to turn green. In the right conditions, excess nutrients can promote algal growth in the waterbody and make the lake green in colour.