Staff Contacts


General Enquiries 0800 522 365 


Sales and Marketing

Gillian Castro

Technical Sales Representative  

Cassandra Trent

Senior Technical Sales Representative

Bruce Winter

Sales Manager


Sample Reception & Sampling Logistics

Robyn Abernethy

Head of Department  


Stevie Gilchrist

Sample Receptionist 

Sue McGhie

Sample Receptionist


Technical Enquiries

Phil Dobson

Air Quality Department Head  

Dr. You-Sing Yong

Operations Manager  

Dr. Steve Money

Inorganic Chemistry Department Head

Dr. Peter Boniface

Organic Chemistry Department Head

Dr. Neil Leat

Microbiology Department Head

Reporting and Data Management

Kessem Jackson

Senior Laboratory Systems Administrator



Edward Mudliar



Peter Nobilo

Admin and Finance Manager

Ian Shand

Commercial Services Manager

David Chuk

Acting Compliance Manager

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